.      To work and support our customers more closely, Acuway extends the service to the part design stage, project initiation stage as tooling consultancy. With experienced Moldflow simulation engineers, senior tooling designers and senior tooling experts, an independent service team dedicates their time and full capacity to work with customers around the clock. Our team supplies professional advice from the tooling perspectives to help customer launching their projects faster and safe.

.     We also supply part data with windage to compensate the potential deformation/warpage at molding stage, basing on the simulation result and expectation from customer side.

  • Certified Simulation Engineers

    Moldflow Bronze or Silver certified engineers endorsed the quality of simulation reports. The application of 3D mesh solid model technically ensure the accuracy of computing analysis.

  • Senior Tooling Designers

    Well trained senior tooling engineer performs tooling feasibility analysis (DFM).


  • Improvement & Supervision

    The Senior tooling engineer chairs the team for improvement from a tooling point of view and business point of view.

  • Simulation Report

    The simulation report identify potential issues and concerns, and accordingly proposals and options are provided for customer’s consideration.

  • Tooling Structural Feasibility

    DFM report highlight feasibility of each features, basing on possible tooling concept. Advice to part data tuning is also provided to reduce the tooling complexity and improve mold life.

  • Mold Layout & Kickoff Readiness

    Other than feasibility review, we are more focus on production effectiveness and cost savings.