.       As a key part in global automotive supply chain, we have devoted to R&D of innovative mold making solutions. Through development of highly efficient scheme to be intimate with the special requirements from our customers, we are at the cutting edge of leading technologies including co-injection (2K / 3K), gas assist and high gloss molding. Also due to our outstanding craftsmanship, we are the preferred mold builder for highly decorative products like chrome plated and piano black parts which demands flawless parting lines built into the molds and special skills in mirror-polish of lens quality.

  • Certified material

    Aligned global supplier chain ensures authentic material/steel at good price.

  • Optimized process

    Our teams devote great efforts to the development of machining processes and fully utilize the process capability of equipment to forge specialized tools and inspection methods to realize closed-loop continuous improvement advantage.

  • Know-how personnel

    Moldflow engineers, experienced mold designers, skillful tool makers and injection molding experts are integral part of strong team to ensure successful molds.

  • Craftsmanship

    Well trained workers handle the molds with their skillful hands. Mold quality is obvious at the first glance.

  • Test & Verification

    The comprehensive and effective testing and verification procedure led by senior technical staff materializes our quality goal. We are committed to delivering turn-key solutions to our customers.

  • Global support

    Through effective skills and communication techniques, our experienced support team provides overall customer services to overcome any gap in offshore sourcing. For us, there is no excuse. We make it work globally!