We provide high-quality inspection gages according to GD&T provided. With digital indicators, exact SC/CC dimensions can be read readily without CMM machine. Thus, reduces cost and saves inspection time for our customers. We also employ Go/No-Go concept to conveniently check hole size, gap & flushness. Through such effort, inspection becomes easy and effective!

  • RFS

    Special locating device satisfies the “Regardless of Feature Size” independency principle.


  • Gap & Flushness Check

    Through Go/No-Go gage and proper reference block, it can quickly determine the gap and flushness condition in the assembly on production floor.

  • Sc Variable Check

    Digital dial indicator is adopted to conveniently measure variable SC, to replace CMM once certified.

  • Datum & Hole Tolerance

    Datum and hole tolerance is strictly controlled to be within +/- 0.01 mm.


  • Net Surface Tolerance

    Net surface is machined to +/-0.02 mm tolerance.


  • Profile Tolerance

    Profile reference surface is maintained at +/-0.05 mm tolerance.