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Code of Conduct - General

.        Acuway Molds is a leading mold making company group with strong technical background. Since 2006, with the great effort from our team, we have grown as a company group that is capable of providing support and service to our customers in multiple countries. We have been following the global industrial hot spots in our expansion and have been creating long term partnership with our customers through transparent environment, practical working style and expertise. We have developed a common value system among our company, basing on the virtues of fairness, reliable and honor, together with our innovative power and international business nature. This common value system provides rules and regulars to Acuway and all subsidiaries and employees for their behavior while dealing with customers, business partners, colleagues and public organizations. All the members related from all departments, all subsidiaries in any places must comply with such requirements and pursue continuous improvements whenever appropriate.

.        As an innovative company, we are committed to be focusing on our field, known as mold making, and we intend to grow in-depth. Other than developing more different type of molds among different technologies and business segments, we are also committed to pursue better machining method, better machining equipment, better processing, better inspection technologies and explore the most effective management process and organization structure, to achieve quality improvement, efficiency and cost optimization. We are committed to provide the most effective cost performance to our customers, though our quality molds to empower the industrial, and have our employees and all the participants sharing the accomplishments and benefits of creating quality products.

.        We believe that a quality mold, that is, we say “a good mold”, must include the following criteria: Precise, Efficient, Durable, Friendly to use & maintenance, Good looking. A good mold must be built in this way so that it is comfortable to use and efficient to produce products, thus it brings the maximum values to our customers and to the industrial. In turn, our company, our team would gain more opportunities from our customers and more learning and promoting opportunities to achieve triple-win. Our company firmly believes that the quality can be seen and felt, a mold with high precision and good design would inevitably have good appearance, and thus it brings more sense of accomplishment to whom are working with it.

.        Employees are the most important wealth of Acuway. For a company like Acuway who is operating through standardized procedures as its core competitiveness, the overall quality of employees plays a decisive role. The cultivation of staff, not only relies on simple teaching, but also needs to focus on the details of their life, starts from a good living condition. The cultivation of staff starts from the most basic level, like a proper outlook on life, values, respecting the laws, rules and regulations prior to teaching them the correct working methods, the growing skills and the strategies to stand out.

.        In general, we believe that Practical & Diligent, Objective & Organized and Keep trying are the core values of a human or a company, to achieve the excellence.

.        Practical, it’s having your feet firmly on the ground, honestly, no speculation, no shortcut, no trick and not breaking the rules. Anyone or any organization, no matter how excellent he/she has achieved, diligence with high efficiency is the absolute premise to their next achievement. Diligence makes difference between people. We believe that success can be achieved only with positive attitude, with solid foundation of knowledge, with rich experiences and hard-working.

.        Objective, it’s equality and selflessness. Everyone makes mistakes, even the more you do, the more mistakes you could make, but We’re not afraid of mistakes, however, we all should remember: “A fall in pit, a gain in your wit”, thus we can make progress and grow day by day. Being objective, that it is also derived from a commitment to the career. Only when we have the empathy, we could understand things objectively, fairly, completely and effectively.

.        Organized, which requires the company to run through standardized operation systems and stick with it. Many of the unnecessary control points are created because people doesn’t follow the rules & regulations, thus being organized, respecting the procedures during the work would greatly improve the efficiency and save a lot of management cost, also it would improve the working environment and reduce the internal stress. We request all employees to respect the rules & regulations according to standard operation process and work together to improve the Acuway platform through continuous improvement programs.

.        Keep trying, it’s the pursuit of management and technical matters. Being in Acuway, we have very good opportunities working closely with many great companies and their great teams, and hence we should learn from them. We expect to improve ourselves scientifically as of our manufacturing technologies and management skills. We should be open minded to any of the technical innovation and management innovation. We should give chance to young people, new process, new method. We are committed to pursue fair competition environment with adequate stress to people, with comprehensive management level, with clean & organized living condition.

.        As a company honors our mission and reputation, we believe that our customers, our suppliers, our employees are the cornerstone of our success. We are committed to run our business complying with the laws and universal value, and strive for standardized, transparent, honest and fair environment. We believe proper competition should be set to improve ourselves. We work against any means of corruption, malpractice and improper transfer of interests. We encourage our employees to fight against of corruption, malpractice and improper transfer of interests, supporting with any kinds of action at any time to combat such crime.

.        We take the lead, and encourage our employees to participate the public welfare activities in the community, relay our positive energy. Through various technical reconstruction, we strive to reduce the environmental impact of production and living. We are committed to proceed as per the guideline from the International Environment and Human Rights Organizations, resist  the use of Conflict Minerals, combat discrimination, ensure diversity, and advocate a free, equal, individualized, decent, low-carbon life style.

Customer, Supplier, Employee Relationship

Relationship with customers

.       Customers are our driving force and growth partner. All of our business management strategies must be based on long-term interests and focus on growing with our customers. All staff and stakeholders should oppose any actions and measures for short-term interests.

.       We deem ourselves as a part of our customer’s team. When facing of issues, we should think in the perspective of our customer’s, which would ensure that we can maximize the value of our effort to our customer and secure customer’s success in their business. We believe that only when our customer gets succeeded, then we have more chance. Meanwhile, the more we can help our customers, the more trust we would gain, then the easier for us to work with our customers and get support from them.

.       It is true that customers are not always right because of the different perspectives, different expertise, different cultures, etc., thus in terms of our communication with customers, we need to present all the facts, explaining why and propose how to address issues properly, from both customer and supplier’s perspective. With our high quality work, professional communication skill, we shall gain confidence and support from our customers, thus communication would be effective and productive. We have concluded that good communication with customer is essential to build a good mold for them.

Relationship with supplier

.       Supplier is the extension of our team. We shall respect our supplier, like how we respect our customers, colleagues and friends, working with them patiently and friendly. Among our suppliers, there are many of them are world class companies, also there are many of them are much smaller than us, however, the companies who have the ability to win our business, there must be something outstanding in their expertise, that we should respect and we should learn from. We require our employees to work with our suppliers with positive attitudes, with sufficient communications to ensure that they understand our requirement and focus, also we should work actively to ensure that we provide prompt response to their request, check and confirm their work, and always pay them on time. It is concluded that only when we work closely with our suppliers, we will get their best support to ensure we deliver our job on time and with excellent quality level. We are committed to work with our supplier sincerely, with our best positive attitude and grow together.

.       We also require our suppliers chain to carry out their social responsibility and fair practice, against any kind of crime and improper transfer of interest, in order to secure long cooperation.

Relationship with employee

.       Employees are the most important wealth of Acuway. As always, we respect our employees for all reasonable requests. We are supportive to their freedom of association, freedom of speech, invention right and the right of offering advice/suggestion to improve our company.

.       In Acuway family, we cherish every opportunity that we stay with every employee. We are committed at our best effort to improve our living facilities and working environment, as well as to ensure every employee receives equal opportunity of re-education, participating continuous improvement programs, promotion etc. We are committed at our best effort to ensure our system offers fair competition, clear rewards and punishment environment. We believe that other than competitive compensation, relaying our positive values to our employees and helping them to learn as much as possible of proper knowledge and skill is the great reward for every employee. With the company’s growth, there are many opportunities for individual’s growth. Acuway is willing to open up growth opportunities to all outstanding employees and the company is proud to be a platform to help them grow to the maximum height they can reach and share the benefits from it. We expect all employees who have worked in Acuway, to benefit from Acuway’s values, experience, know-how, and thus have a better life in their future endeavor.

.       Except for offering training opportunities for employees, Acuway also collaborates with local colleges to provide internship opportunities. Taking the advantage of Acuway’s technical and management strength, we help new graduates and new comers to get in touch with the frontier of our industry, and help them growing up as soon as possible. We sincerely invite new graduates who recognize our industry and our values to join with us after internship.

.       We oppose violations of human rights, including but not limited to gender discrimination, geographical discrimination and color discrimination. We are committed to diverse employment strategy and respect the wishes of every employee. We oppose forced labor and child labor. Safe production and long-term business are extremely focus in our business strategy.

Relationship with local government

      The cooperation and support from local government is also essential to our business and our growth. The related departments in Acuway should actively work with specific local government for their supervision, study and receive related rules & regulations and updates. In case there is any non-conformance, we should promptly notify the related office in charged, and submit corrective action plan as soon as possible to overcome the issues. If necessary, it is recommended to apply third party consultant to help us ensuring conformance to the government rules and regulations, however, this doesn’t substitute the requirement of “working actively with specific local government”.

Environmental Policy

      Although Acuway’s business doesn’t not belong to high pollution industry, we are still concerned about the direct or indirect environment impact in our business. Our environmental policy includes making the environment of our community better as one of our obligation. We strongly believe that our effort to the environmental protection and improvement would benefit all of us, and also benefit our customers. We take the lead and encourage employees to start with every little thing in day to day basis, i.e., starting with a clean working environment, starting with garbage sorting, starting with taking care of the grass and trees on the roadside. With every detailed activity, we are able to make our environment much better in the near future, and encourage more people to participate the environmental construction.

       Acuway is committed to adhere to the principles based on the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI), not to use conflict minerals in our products or process and require our suppliers to act the same.





Compliance with Laws and Regulations

.        At any time, from a long term standpoint, it is the most economic to work as per government rules & regulations. Our company and all the employees must always bear in mind of respecting the laws. We also require our business partners, suppliers to proceed the same. In particular, commercial bribery, unjust benefit supply, tax-related violations, labor-related violations, etc., must be taken very serious, thus cooperation with anyone, any organization, at any time who does not conform to such requirements must be terminated as soon as it is detected.

.        It is required that continuous supervising procedures must be in written, to ensure that the Acuway partners and suppliers are conform to the principles based on the universal declaration of human rights, i.e., no forced labor, no child labor, no discrimination, no harassment, no maltreat and etc.