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Code of Conduct - General

.        Acuway Molds is a leading mold making enterprise with strong technical background. Through over a decade of great effort since established in 2006, we have grown to an international group that is capable of providing support and services to multiple countries. We have been following the global industrial hot spots to expand and have been creating stable and long-term working relationship with our customers through objectivity and practical diligence. Based on the virtues of fairness, reliable and honor, and combined with our innovative power and international business characteristic, we have developed a system of common values. These systems and principles define the scope for the employees of Acuway and all subsidiaries in dealing with customers, business partners, colleagues and the public. The members in all departments and regions must comply with such requirements at work to continuously improve and develop better action plans wherever appropriate.

.        As an innovative company, we build on our core business in mold making and intend to grow in-depth. Other than expanding more mold making technologies in different business segments, we continue to try and improve better machining method / equipment, craftmanship and inspection technologies as well as humanized management model to increase quality / efficiency and optimize cost. We are committed to offering the most competitive function-cost ratio through efficient quality molds to add values to the industries. Let our employees and all participants feel the accomplishments from quality work, and hence share the benefits and honor.

.        We believe a quality efficient mold, called a good mold, must include the following criteria: Precise, Efficient, Durable, User Friendly, Easy to Maintain and Neat Appearance. Such mold would be used comfortably and run efficiently to add values to the customers and the industries. In turn, our company and our team would be recognized by our customers and hence will have more opportunities to learn and grow in order too achieve triple-win. Our company firmly believes that quality can be seen and felt. A high precision and well designed mold would inevitably have good appearance, and thus brings more sense of accomplishment to whoever builds or uses it.

.        Employees are our most important asset. For a company like Acuway that operates on standardized procedures as its core competitiveness, the overall quality of employees plays a decisive role. Cultivation of staff does not only rely on simply teaching, but also needs to start from every detail in their life and a good living condition. Training of staff starts from the basic, like a proper outlook on life values and understanding and respecting the laws, rules and regulations prior to teaching them the correct working methods, maturing skills and excel strategies.

.        In general, we believe that Practical & Diligent, Objective & Organized and Relentless are the core values of each individual and our company to achieve excellence.

.        Practical: It’s to have a firm foothold on the ground, honesty without speculation, no shortcut, no trick and not breaking the rules. No matter how great anyone or any organization is, Diligence and efficiency are foremost in achieve accomplishment. Regardless who we are, Diligence differentiates people. Laziness cannot create performance. Hard-work and efficiency require our staff to continue to learn and excel. Proficiency can only be achieved by positive conscience, special skills and abundant knowledge.

.        Objective: It’s equality and selflessness. Everyone, company or individual, makes mistakes. The more you do, the more mistakes you make. But we’re not afraid of mistakes. Rather, we believe, “A fall in pit, a gain in your wit.” to make progress and grow. Being objective is derived from the honest commitment to our career. Only through communication with empathy, we can understand issues objectively, fairly, completely and effectively.

.        Organized: It requires the company to standardize operating systems. From finance to labor relationship to operating level, it’s all documented and communicated. Many unnecessary control points are created because people do not follow the rules and procedures. Only being organized, we can greatly simplify process flow, improve efficiency as well as reduce work load and stress. The determining factor to evaluate the level of any nation is the obedience and respect of laws by its citizens. We require all employees to work together and respect the rules and procedures in order to advance the general level of our citizens via the Acuway platform.

.        Relentless: It’s the pursuit of management and technical matters. In Acuway, we have good opportunities working closely with many great companies and their great teams to learn their technologies and management methods. By adopting scientific approach, we expect to improve our manufacturing techniques and job evaluation methods. With open mind, we can advance technologies and management innovations by adopting new talents, new techniques and new methods. We are committed to providing clean, hygienic and comfortable living, working and learning condition, flattening hierarchy and establishing tidy order so as to compete in fair working environment under adequate stress.

.        As a company honoring our mission and reputation, we believe in complying with the laws. Our basic requirement is to act and operate within the limit of rules. Our customers, our suppliers and our employees are the cornerstones of our success. To strive forward, our company encourages fair competition by maximizing standardization and transparency to create an honest and fair environment. We are strongly against any form of corruption, malpractice and improper transfer of interests. We encourage our employees to firmly fight against inappropriate behavior, and regularly combat any form of improper advantage.

.        We lead and encourage our employees to participate in public welfare activities in the community and relay the positive energy. Through technical creativity, we strive to reduce the environmental impact in production and in living. We affirm the guidelines from International Environment and Human Rights Organizations, refuse to use Conflict Minerals, oppose any discrimination to ensure diversity, and advocate a free, equal, individualized, decent, low-carbon life style.

Customer, Supplier, Employee & Government Relationship

Relationship with customers

.      Customers are our driving force and growth partners. All our business management strategies must be based on long-term interests and focus on growing with our customers. All staff and stakeholders should resist any action and measure just for short-term gain.

.      We deem ourselves as a part of our customers’ integral teams. When dealing with issues, we should think from the perspective of our customers to ensure that we can maximize our value to our customers and secure customers’ success in their business. Only when our customers succeed and win more business, we would have more future opportunities. Once we earn more trust from our customers, we can be more proactive in working and communicating mutually with our customers.

.      It is true that customers are not always right because of different perspectives, different expertise, different culture, etc. However, while communicating issues with the customers, we must be practical and patient to present all the facts, explain causes and propose solutions from their standpoints and angles. Only with high quality work and enough professionalism, we can earn confidence, support and understanding from our customers to communicate quickly and effectively. Good and adequate communication is essential to ensure timely completion of quality molds..

Relationship with suppliers

.      Suppliers are the extension of our team. We shall treat our suppliers as patiently and friendly as our customers, colleagues and friends. Among our suppliers, some are world class brands and companies. Also, many are smaller and less established than us. However, if they are capable of winning our business, there must be something outstanding in their expertise for us to learn from. We encourage our team members to proactively communicate with suppliers to ensure that they understand our requirements and focal points. In addition, we should timely check their work, promptly provide feedback for discussion, and always pay them on time. This is the only way to win their trust to ensure they will work hard with us to deliver every job on time, and with excellent quality. Hopefully by working with our supplier sincerely, we can pass on our positive energy, in work and in life, and reduce any gap between us to grow and make progress together.

.      To cooperate long term, we also require our suppliers to carry out their share of social responsibilities and fair practices to inhibit any criminal behavior and improper transfer of interest.

Relationship with employees

.      Employees are our most important asset. As always, we respect all legal rights of our employees and support their freedom of association, freedom of speech, invention right and the right of offering advice/suggestions to improve the company.

.      In Acuway family, we cherish every opportunity our employees stay with us. We commit our best effort to improve our living facilities and working environment, to ensure every employee receives re-education, to participate in continuous improvement programs and equality for promotion, etc. to nurture an environment of fair competition and clear rewards/ punishments. Other than competitive compensation, we believe relaying our positive values to our employees and helping them to learn proper fundamental knowledge and professional skill are the greatest reward for every employee. Following the development of the company, it will bring endless opportunities for everyone to grow. Acuway wishes to offer the company as a platform to open the opportunities of growth to all outstanding employees, help them reach their maximum potential, and share the result of our collective success. We expect all employees worked in Acuway can benefit from our values, work ethics and learning experience to fulfill a better life.

.      Besides offering on-job training opportunities for employees, Acuway also collaborates with local colleges to provide internship programs. Taking full advantage of technical and management strength in Acuway, we help new graduates and pre-graduates to get in touch with the forefront of our industry to quickly pick up this profession. We sincerely welcome new graduates who recognize our industry and our values to join our family after internship.

.      We oppose violations of human rights, including but not limited to gender, geographical and racial discriminations. We encourage inclusion and diversity in our employment strategy and respect the wishes of every worker. We are against illegal activities like forced labor and child labor. In foresight, we emphasis on work safety and would not compromise on any equipment and technique to risk the health of our workers for temporary gain.

Relationship with local government

      The cooperation and support from local government are also essential to our business and our growth. The related departments in Acuway should actively work with specific local government for their supervision, receive and study updates on related rules and regulations. In case of any non-conformance, we should promptly notify the related office in charged, and submit corrective action plan as soon as possible to overcome the issue. If necessary, it is recommended to retain help from third party consultant to ensure conforming to government rules and regulations. However, there is no substitute to “working proactively with specific local government”.

Environmental Policy

      Although Acuway does not belong to high pollution industry, we are still very concerned about the direct or indirect impact of our business on the environment. Our environmental policy includes making the environment better as our obligation to the community. We strongly believe that engaging in environmental protection and improvement would benefit all around us and our customers. We take the lead and encourage employees to begin from every little thing on daily basis, i.e., starting with a clean working environment, starting with categorizing garbage, starting with taking care of the grass and trees on the side of roads. With real actions, we can make our environment much better, a reality that we can see and touch, such that our staff are motivated to participate in environmental construction.

      We would also affirm the call from international organization about Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI). We promise not to use conflict minerals in our products or process and require our suppliers to follow.





Compliance with Laws and Regulations

.        Our business development cannot deviate from the support and coordination of government offices. We require each related department to proactively and actively contact and communicate with the governing offices to learn about related rules and regulations timely, identify problems and promptly submit corrective action plan, as well as report to related administration accordingly. Although we would hire third party independent consultant as needed, it does not replace the mentioned requirement to “proactively and actively contact and communicate with the governing offices”.

.        At any time, it is most economic to follow government rules & regulations from a long-term standpoint. Our company and all the employees must always be mindful to respect the laws. We also require our business partners, suppliers and sometimes customers to cooperate within the legal boundary. Especially, business bribery, inappropriate benefit transfer, tax-related and labor-related violations, etc., must be dealt with seriously. Thus, cooperation with anyone or any organization, at any time, who does not conform to such requirements must be terminated as soon as it is discovered.

.        It is required that continuous monitoring procedures must be documented, to ensure our partners and suppliers commit to not violating human rights, e.g., no forced labor, no child labor, guaranty the life and health of workers, no discrimination, no mistreatment, no harassment, etc.